TAG 2000 WATCH - TAG 2000

Tag 2000 watch - Large watch faces for beading.

Tag 2000 Watch

tag 2000 watch

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Tag Heuer 2000 Automatic Chronograph

Tag Heuer 2000 Automatic Chronograph

The movement, is a particularly interesting and unique one. It is officially called a LWO 283 movement which consists of a Lemania made Chronograph module piggybacked on top of a ETA 2892-2 movement. This one is the 40 jewel movements. The date window is also kinda unique in that it has a "Cyclops" magnifier, but rather than stick it on the crystal like Rolex does, Heuer put in in the dial between the date wheel and the space between the dial and hands... Pretty cool, although it actually hinders viewing in low light conditions. These early models are rather rare today. You can't find much about them on the web. Heuer used these for a few years before Tag took over.

TAG Heuer 2000 Chronograph (1992)

TAG Heuer 2000 Chronograph (1992)

It might be a "lowly" quartz model but it was my 21st birthday/university graduation present and is therefore irreplaceable and priceless :)

tag 2000 watch

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